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Intersoft Associates

Intersoft Associates

It will now be possible to start in on the actual work of creating the software in question. Effective analysis and design will mean that individual tasks can be assigned easily and naturally.

Is Custom Software the Best Solution

Posted on June 18 2018, 06:58am

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Business owners struggling with operational issues, experiencing gaps in technological processes, or adjusting procedures to suit current software have options. Off the shelf software products can present several problems for owners and staff of unique, innovative, or one-of-a-kind businesses. The features and functions of such products are designed for general purposes. That means there are limited capabilities for customizing components.

Options Available

Owners can continue to struggle with ordinary software or explore possibilities and alternatives. Hiring a company to develop completely custom software solutions is one option. This process can be expensive initially but will be more cost-effective in the long-run. Results include streamlined processes, increases in productivity and revenues, and the freedom to operate the business as desired without compromise.

Off the shelf and custom software are the extremes of the possibilities available. There are more options that just the two. One is software enhancement. Rather than developing software from scratch, current software can be augmented with a few new applications or professionally tweaked to better suit the business needs.

Improving analytical capabilities to get more efficient use of data is yet another option. Some business employees may not have the knowledge to create reports that will fill in technological gaps. The information is in the system, it is simply not requested in the correct format. The results of this process can be significant.

Determining the Ideal Solution

Business owners are well-versed in the specifics of daily operations, marketing, and trends in the industry of their choice. They are not IT professionals. Consulting with IT professionals, such as those with Intersoft Associates, is how to determine which solution will produce desired outcomes. An assessment of the current systems and discussions with owners and the management team is the first step in the process.

Companies that offer comprehensive consultation services prior to any solution development or implementation increase the chances of project success. This is vital because only 32% of all IT projects are considered a success, according to Microsoft. It is through in-depth communication, planning phases, and revisions during the process that projects are successful. It is important that the company and the business are clear about expectations, objectives, and final results.


Custom software may be the best solution or it may be a complete waste of time and resources. Before deciding, make sure all possible solutions have been considered. Find an experienced company that offers multiple solutions to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Do not approve any solutions until all options are clear.

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